Warm Feelings


Shari Hirst has been working with fiber for nearly 50 years; her medium is knitting and she enjoys the challenge of using non-typical knitting fibers such as Arabic goat hair.

Shari's unique knitting techniques always seem to satisfy her customers. These techniques can be found in many of the patterns that she designs for
Mountain Colors under the name of "Warm Feelings".

Shari also supplies finished garments to various boutiques and galleries in the Northwest region.

Shari can be reached at warmfeelingsknitting@gmail.com

The meaning behind the logo

In 1978 Shari and her family were living in Indonesia. On a trip to Singapore, they stopped at a shop that sold Chinese Chop Seals. Shari purchased a seal, and had the Chinese characters translating "warm feelings" carved into it, and a pot of the special red ink. Ever since Shari has used this chop as her logo.