Warm Feelings


Shari offers a variety of knitting classes – everything from Beginners to Advanced.  She can tailor a class to your specific needs!

How about a class at a Baby Shower? Each person completes a square and Shari will finish the item. This makes a very special gift for mother and baby. There are a number of quality fibers that are suitable for a baby and machine washable.

This class usually runs four weeks and covers the basics. Shari always recommends I Can't Believe I Am Knitting, a Leisure Arts publication so that students have a reference to use between classes. By the 3rd or 4th class, students are asked to choose a project and then can transition to a Project Class. Shari especially enjoys teaching beginners, because when presented with a problem, she finds that students think of a way to solve it. In most cases it may not be the way that a long-term knitter would have resolved the problem.  This proves that there are always new ways to knit!


Project Class

This class allows people to choose a project that is above their knowledge. The class meets weekly or bi-monthly to work on their projects. Shari has managed classes of 10 people. Some are working on similar projects, but using a different fiber or pattern stitch. Shari finds that she can answer most questions by telephone; and with the webcam on her end, and a web cam on the student's end, Shari may be able to spot a problem and advise on them and how to correct it.


Project Design Class

This is an intensive class that takes the student over an 8-week period, through the entire process of designing their garment, taking measurements, charting it, beginning at the top with the invisible cast on, working set in sleeves by a special method, trying the garment on, pockets, trim and finishing. Shari has had both new and advanced students participate in this class. The student chooses the degree of difficulty of the garment. This method gives the knitter the ability to knit any style for any body shape of their choice. Shari has had many students tell her that years after they have taken this class, that this is the method that they use.


Basic Body Shape Class - Knitting Should Be Fun

This class has been offered at Festivals. It is an explanation of the Basic Body Shape Patterns and different ways to use them.


The Paseo Stitch

This class is for the advanced knitter. It is a stitch that Shari invented to use some beautiful thick and thin yarn that was available in the 1970's. People were knitting with it, making bulky and unflattering garments. Shari thought the hand-spun yarn was beautiful and wanted to find a better way to use it.


The number of students in each class is negotiable. The cost per student depends on the number of students and the specific class. Please contact Shari at info@warmfeelingsdesigns.com to discuss the particulars.